American Revolution Part 2

This week we will begin to cover the events of the second half of the American Revolution. Students will learn about the Midnight Ride and all of the riders involved, as well as what their warning was. By the way do you happen to know the roll that the picture above played in this event? Ask your student if you don’t know! We will also discuss the “shot heard round the world” as well as the meeting of the Second Continental Congress. Friday will be all about Martin Luther King Jr. and the role he played in the Civil Rights Movement. Your students will be challenged to make the holiday named for him “a day on” instead of a “day off”!

Ready for the New Year!

Happy New Year! Welcome to second semester of fifth grade!

This week students will be doing some reflecting on 2018 and setting some goals for 2019 as well as choosing a Word of the Year for themselves. We will also be reviewing the first half of the American Revolution.  There will be a Math Benchmark given on Wednesday, January 9th and a Reading Benchmark given on Thursday, January 10th.

Final Week of the First Semester

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Wow! We have almost made it through the first semester! This week is filled with lots of fun learning experiences for our students! On Monday students will be going to Brookshires for a real world math moment, Tuesday we have a challenging Escape Room for students to work through, Wednesday we will Share the Gift of Reading with our Pre-K friends in the morning and then go on a virtual field trip to Yellowstone in the afternoon. Thursday is our Christmas party from 9:00 to 10:00, it is also an early release day for students. We will release at 12:15!

Thank you so much to all of our parents who have helped us make our Share the Gift of Reading project a success! We could not do this without your support!!!

Special HoliDAYS next week:

Monday: Wear Christmas colors

Tuesday: Wear a Christmas hat

Wednesday: Wear Christmas socks

May each of you have a wonderfully blessed holiday! 

Road to Revolution

This week we will be taking a look at the events that led the colonists down the path to the American Revolution. 

Friday is a day that President Roosevelt said would live in infamy. We will look at the events of that day by listening to the original radio news broadcast and reading about one serviceman’s first hand account of the experience. In addition to learning about the events of this day, students will have an opportunity to earn some bonus points by explaining what the picture above has to do with World War II.