Exploration Wrap Up


This week we will be wrapping up the Age of Exploration. On Mindset Monday, we will explore what type of brain we have and find ways to develop our weaker areas. Tuesday students will have a chance to exchange their library books. Wednesday we will be doing some preliminary work on our National Parks project as well as taking a virtual field trip to a National Park! Hopefully students will be able to crack the code that will lead them to correct park! Wednesday is also an Early Release day, we will dismiss at 12:00! We will end our week studying landforms. Students will be posting the results of their research to their blogs, if you have not already taken the time to subscribe to your students blog, please do so, it really means a lot to them.

Celebrate Freedom Week

Next week is Celebrate Freedom Week and we will be celebrating our Constitution. Please have your student wear RED, WHITE, and/or BLUE on Monday! We will be taking a look at this amazing document that was written over 200 years ago and continues to govern us today. Check out the video below!

We will also begin to look at early exploration of the New World. Have you ever wondered why Christopher Columbus is given credit for our discovery and yet our continent is called North America? Be sure to check with your student this week if you would like to know why!

Remembering September 11th

9-11 photo: 911,military 911-4.gif

This week we will be remembering 9/11, Monday your student will bring home 9/11 homework, they will need to interview someone who remembers the event. This will need to be completed and returned to school on Tuesday.  We will also be looking at famous failures and studying the characteristics that they possessed in order to overcome their failures and become great successes. Be sure and ask your students about these people, you may be surprised at who some of them are. Later in the week we will discover more about our National Parks System through completing a series of task cards, we will also begin mapping where these parks are located throughout the United States

Photo: http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s240/EmoteCrazy/911/911-4.gif


Where in the World are We?

Rotating globe

This week students have learned all about globes and maps as well as the parts of a map. We practiced using map scale, which is a new skill this year and even solved a mystery using a grid map. Hopefully your student has come home excited about geography!

Next week we will look at the history of Labor Day. Do you know why Monday is a holiday and why you may have the day off work? We will also do some more map work and students will begin to explore their own history. We will be constructing a timeline that may require students to get some help from home with dates. Be looking for that early next week.

Monday, September 10th will be our 5th grade Parent Orientation, please make plans to meet with us at 5:30!