It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

When students return from Thanksgiving Break we will be working on the books we are writing for our Pre-K friends. These books will be written using Couplets (two lines of rhyming poetry) so if your student comes home mumbling rhyming words, do not be alarmed!  THANK YOU to all of our families that signed up to help with this project, we could not do it without you!!!

We will also continue along the Road to Revolution. Do you know what the saying in the photo above refers to? Your students will know as we learn about The Midnight Ride and the Night Riders. The Shot Heard ‘Round the World will be another event we will be learning about!

Saturday, December 7th will be the anniversary of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor Hawaii. Students will have an opportunity to earn some BONUS points by researching the meaning of the picture above. If your student would like to get a head start on this feel free to share this with them.

Tuesday is Library Day!!!

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