March 18th-22nd

Monday, March 18th Teacher Work Day

Tuesday we will begin preparation for our next region of states and capitals, the Great States, this region will cover the states of the Great Lakes and the Great Plains.

Wednesday we will wrap up our study of the American Revolution with the Victory at Yorktown and the signing of the Treaty of Paris.

March is Women’s History Month and we will take a look at the impact various women have had on our history and read about Ana Dodson, a hero with a heart. 

We will wrap up our week by beginning our final National Parks project, students will be looking at various parks and their land management program. They will be generating a list of topics and questions to investigate the parks use of land and how it benefits and impacts the environment, animals and people who use the park, as well as the impact the park has on the local economy.

Let the March Madness Begin

Monday we will have a Reading Benchmark, please make sure your students is well rested and ready to do their best!

Tuesday we will review for our Southeast States and Capitals Quiz. Wednesday students will have an opportunity to show what they know about the Southeast region of our country. STUDY! STUDY! STUDY!

Thursday and Friday we will be working on our Dueling Mandates Project with the National Parks Service. Look for a blog post from your student reporting their findings.

Spring Break March 11th-15th! March 18th is a Teacher Workday, students get an extra day off!!! Enjoy your break!!!

A Busy Week Ahead

This week we have an Early Release Day on Wednesday, students will be released at 12:00. Thursday, fifth grade will give a Math Benchmark, please have your student well rested and ready to do their best.

In class we will be wrapping up our battle research. We will also be celebrating contributions made to our history by African Americans. Friday students will explore whether or not Betsy Ross was truly the maker of our first flag.  

Students need to continue to study their states and capitals of the Southeast! Our next quiz will be on March 6th!

Battles of the Revolution

This week our focus will be on the battles of the American Revolution.  Check out the video for additional information.

Students will also receive a new set of states and capitals, the States of the Southeast. I know that we are entering into a busy time of year, but please have your students spend at least fifteen minutes each night studying this material. The quiz will be Wednesday, March 6th.

A “LOVEly” Week Ahead

Monday our fifth grade students will be attending the Symphony performance at the Belcher Center. Students need to wear a White Oak or maroon shirt if possible.

After several retreats, Washington will finally get his first victory of the Revolution, when he boldly leads his troops across the Delaware River. We will explore that decision and the impact it will have on the war.

Thursday we will have a fun filled day celebrating Valentine’s Day, students brought home notes this week telling all about it. Students can start bringing their cards on Monday. Thursday students can bring their favorite canned/ bottled drink.

Our first States and Capitals Quiz will be on Friday, February 15th! STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!!!