Welcome Back!

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Hi! My name is Mrs. McFall and I will be your Social Studies teacher this year.  This is my tenth year to teach 5th grade and my seventeeth year to teach at White Oak Intermediate.  I am excited to see what all we will explore and learn together this year.  It was wonderful to meet so many of our new fifth graders and their parents last night!   Let’s learn a little more about each other! Below I have listed some of my favorite things, please leave me a comment and tell me about some of your favorites as well.


FOOD: Mexican

BOOK: ABC books and Cookbooks

COLOR: Green

DRINK: Green Tea with Honey and Dr. Pepper


TEAMS: Roughnecks, CMC Stags, Molloy Lions, Seaton Hall Pirates, Oklahoma Sooners, Kansas City Royals

HOBBY: Gardening and Cooking


Meet Your Teachers!

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We have been hard at work preparing our classrooms for our new class of 5th graders! Just a reminder Thursday, August 20th from 4:30-5:30, you can come and meet your teachers.  If you have your school supplies, you can bring them and drop them off in your homeroom class!  Looking forward to meeting lots of you tomorrow night! Don’t forget to pick up your VIP letter as well.


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