Geography Quiz

Students will have their first Geography Quiz on Thursday, October 5th. The quiz will cover the twelve landforms that we have been learning about as well as how to use the parts of a map we have studied. All important information about this quiz can be found in your student’s Social Studies journal.

Westward Expansion

As our country expanded westward, many pioneers packed up their belongings and headed West. Have you ever wondered if you would have been one of those brave people who left the comforts of the east to boldly head to the unknowns of the west?  Be sure to check out your student’s digital poster promoting westward expansion.

photo credit: Ocracoke Island Journal

Industrial Revolution

Students have been hard at work studying the Industrial Revolution. Each student chose an invention that interested them and then wrote a book using the Book Creator app telling all about the invention. Be sure to check out their books, I believe we have some future authors among our 5th grade students!