Excited About the Election Process



This past week students were introduced to the election process, we learned about the electoral college (ask your student how many electoral votes it takes to become president), we also studied past presidents and looked for good leadership qualities that made them a good leader for our country. This next week we will take a look at political parties and symbols as well as decide what the important issues are for fifth graders. We will be reading The Kid Who Ran for President as well. Be sure to check out your students blog later in the week to find out what they would do “If They Had Five Minutes with the President”!

The First English Colonies

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Do you know how England became involved in the New World? It’s quite an interesting tale, ask your student to share it with you. This past week students have had voice and choice as we’ve explored the first English colonies established in the New World. Be sure to check out their blog posts!

Students are also working on Passion Projects with a historical twist. They have chosen a topic of interests to them and are discovering the history of that topic. Topics range from Ford cars to Emojis, Disney World to Atlantis and everything in between. Be sure to ask your student about the topic of their History of Things project! It’s been amazing to watch the power of student choice in action as we’ve worked on these projects!

Exploration in the New World

Students have spent this week learning about the discovery of the New World and all of the explorers who came to explore and claim it for their own country. Below you will find evidence of what they learned on the class Padlet that was created. We also spent time this week thinking about what may have happened to Henry Hudson, after his crew left him in a small boat with a few others in Hudson Bay. You can check out your student’s newspaper article on their blog. If you have not subscribed to your student’s blog, please do. Students love to have new subscribers and it is a great way for you to see the amazing things your students is doing in class.

9/11 Reflections


In several classes this past week students learned about the events of September 11,2001. They watched news coverage, conducted interviews about others 9/11 experience, wrote about the freedoms they have, and then reflected on all that they had learned in a blog post! Students were amazed to learn that an event that happened years prior to their birth could impact their lives in such a profound way. They also found it interesting to hear about other people’s experiences on 9/11 and how unique and individual they were to each person. Mrs. Mizel has come the last few years to share her unique story with students, it involves a fork, be sure to ask he about it when you see her. Please check out your student’s blog post titled “9/11 Reflections”.

If you have not subscribed to you student’s blog, please do so. Have family members subscribe as well! It is a great way to see what is happening in our classrooms and students love it when you leave comments about their work!