Quizzes, Projects, and Pictures Oh My!

Just a reminder that our last regional states and capitals quiz will be on Monday, April 30th! Students will begin to put their History of Things project together and will be presenting them the following week. Our 50 States and Capitals assessment will be on May 7th! Our year is quickly coming to an end, please encourage your student to finish strong!

Class Pictures are Tuesday, May 1st!

Civil War

We will be wrapping up our study of the Civil War this week as we discuss and learn about Reconstruction. Students will also get the final set of states and capitals and begin putting together a map of the region. The quiz for this last set will be April 30th. Students are also working on a History of Things project over a topic that they chose, be on the look out for their final projects which will be posted to their blogs in the next few weeks. In honor of Earth Day we will be learning about the history of the High Line, if you would like to know more about this amazing place check out this link  http://www.thehighline.org/

States and Capitals of the Midwest

Students received a new set of states and capitals this past week, the Midwestern states. We will complete the map for these states during the week and the quiz will be Friday, April 13th. We will be wrapping up our study of the Industrial Revolution and begin our study of the Civil War. Just a reminder that our STAAR Math and Reading assessments will be next week on April 10th and 11th.

Industrial Revolution

This week we will continue our study of the Industrial Revolution as we take a closer look at inventions and inventors, child labor and the formation of the labor unions. Students will have access to primary sources as they learn about this major event in our history. Students also began a new set of states and capitals this week, the states of the Midwest. Study! Study! Study! We will also take a look at the roles women took on during World War II, as a part of Women’s History Month.

Our Easter Party is this Thursday!!!! Be sure to send the eggs by tomorrow, March 27th!

Westward Expansion

This week we have learned about our growing country. Students worked in small groups to create a Google Slide presentation on the United States 1789-1815. Check out their blogs to see their work. We will now be focusing on how our country expanded westward. Don’t forget to study those Southeast States and Capitals, that quiz will be March 21st! I hope everyone has a wonderful Spring Break next week!